Gateway Legacy Christian Academy

Why Choose Us?

In a nutshell, the values and objectives we hold dear, and that drive all we do at Gateway Legacy Christian Academy, are to help our students fulfill their God-given potential in a safe and Godly environment,working together to excel in academics, sports, and true Christian living.

Learn Leadership & Achieve Your Goals

By participating in our rigorous academics program and our challenging, competitive athletics program, Gateway students build character, knowledge, and community. We are committed to helping our students achieve their goals.

Comprehensive Guidance

One of Gateway’s finest qualities is our comprehensive guidance services. Our dedicated staff helps all students be successful throughout their years here, and is committed to helping them identify, communicate with, and apply to colleges and universities where they will continue their academic and athletic pursuits.

Testimonials from Our Gateway Family

  • “The love that this school shows to my children is unmeasurable! You will not find this in a public-school setting!” - Christina Scott

  • “Amazing school and even better staff. Everyone is respectful, and they genuinely care about their students. Small classroom sizes is the icing on the cake. Love this school and most importantly, my kids do too!” - Nakeshia Armstrong

  • “Love the school and staff so much that I have recommended it to multiple friends. I even recommended the school to some of my kids' doctors that have children and live in the area.” - Bethany Maylath Holst

  • “We love GLCA. My children have never been happier in a school. The teachers are wonderful and truly care about each and every child. I am so glad we found this school.” - Amanda Bishop

  • “Wonderful staff that cares about your child. Definitely a place you can trust!” - Brandon Lee Morgan

  • “We Love it! My kids have fallen in love with the staff and other peers. The electives are clear and available! My teenage daughter actually wants to go to school! All of them. We love the presence of God that is found within Melissa and Greg! We appreciate Gateway and all of their hard work to better each and every individual.” - Tisha Roy

  • “I love, love this school and newfound family. If you’re looking for a school for your kiddos from K–12th grade, you have found it. Come in and check it out.” - Rhonda Crockett

  • “I love this school. The kids seem happy, and I like that I don't have to worry that the school is teaching them something I don't approve of. Also, I am always updated on what's going on in their grades and classes. I really feel like we made a great choice.” - Amy Whitehead-Sujanani

  • “This school has been a huge blessing to our big family. As a former classroom teacher, I have been impressed with the love the teachers have for the students, the orderly way the classrooms are run, and that all my kids love it and are excited to go every day! No school is perfect because we live in a fallen world, but this school is a great place for children—academically and spiritually. I especially love the encouragement to live fully for Christ in the high school Spiritual Disciplines class! I am thankful that God opened this door for our family!” - Robin Chomko

  • “You are the most inspiring coach I have ever had. You have taught me that my running has no limitations. You have taught me that success is attainable if you want it bad enough and are willing to work for it. On many occasions, you had more confidence in me and my running than I had myself. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into my high school career and forming me into the athlete I am today.” - Jessica Jump, 2012 200 meter Illinois state champion

  • “The wisdom, confidence, and heart you have shown while leading our team has been an inspiration on and off the track. Your influence on my life is immeasurable. The skills and lessons you have taught us will be used throughout our lifetime.” - Olivia Daube, 2013 athlete

  • “Mr. Redden was the consummate cheerleader, supporter, and motivator for his athletes. Achievement was as celebrated by the coach as it was the achiever. His positive attitude was contagious.” - Annie Frey, 2002 athlete