Gateway Legacy Christian Academy

What We Do

At Gateway Sports Academy, we motivate and encourage youth and teens to aspire to high goals in the areas of academics, athletics, and social skills. We offer them the opportunity to develop qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and the drive for excellence through academic and sports programs. We also establish support through teamwork with the family, teachers, counselors, and positive role models.

Individualized Service and Support

Our goal is to provide individualized service and support to girls and boys who have a desire to play athletics at the collegiate level. We want to assist them by providing the most effective service to increase their chances of getting an athletics scholarship. We want them to take advantage of all our resources and experiences in helping them get to the next level.

Our Philosophy

Sports has the power to build nations, the ability to connect people from all walks of life, has inspired the generations of the past, and continues to serve as a beacon of hope for the lives of the future. The Sports Academy at Gateway Preparatory Academy is an educational and athletics endeavor designed to promote sports by providing a challenging and competitive forum to all who demonstrate the desire and enthusiasm to play. Focusing on the physical, technical, tactical, and psychological pillars of the game, the Sports Academy is part of a school-wide initiative to build character, knowledge, and community within those who share the desire to practice their passion.

Official Visit Coordination

  • NCAA recruiting process seminar for student athletes and parents
  • Personalized highlight video for recruiting purposes
  • All club, registration, and tournament fees included
  • Multiple domestic trips off campus during the club season for college exposure
  • Rigorous college preparatory curriculum
  • ACT test preparation  
  • Mental conditioning and time management seminars
  • ESL classes
  • TOEFL test preparation
  • Full boarding