Gateway Legacy Christian Academy


With high school and college-level facilities available for our use, we've made a name for ourselves locally, and soon, we believe, we'll be known nationwide.

Training and Conditioning

We utilize both strength training and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning based on athletes' anticipated events and abilities. Student athletes train four to five days a week for their individually specific events.


During the winter season, we focus on improvement, but not peaking, and we participate in five to eight indoor meets. After the indoor season, we mandate a small window of rest to allow for body recovery before getting into the outdoor season when we enter both local and nationwide meets. When performance meets our expectations, we expose our athletes to the top US Collegiate track programs.

Join Us

We offer an elite, high-end program, and our reputation is building quickly. Our program is definitely for those who demand success for themselves and have the willingness to work hard. If you’re interested in joining our excellent team, please contact us.

Our Coaches

Dave Redden
Track Coach
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