Gateway Legacy Christian Academy

Gateway Prep

The Gateway Preparatory Academy program at GLCA prepares international students in language acquisition and cultural adaptation. With intensive class interaction and close mentorship from our faculty, students typically make rapid progress towards success.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to our pledge for excellence in the classroom, it is our deep commitment to enrich our students’ hearts and souls by extending the holistic education through extracurricular activities. To the envy of all, GLCA international students take many field trips and engage in activities outside the classroom.

In order to assist students with cultural adaptation, we:

  • Pair students with American families to learn American culture
  • Organize sports, shopping, museum visits, and retreats in addition to our other campus activities

You can view more about the activities our students participate in on the High School Activities page.


Our proven methods and commitment to excellence have resulted in the proud accomplishment of seeing our graduates go on to attend college and pursue undergraduate degrees. We know it works and are happy to show you how. Please contact us for more information.